Lazy Ape Carts The Chimpsons Edition



Lazy Ape Carts The Chimpsons Edition

Lazy Ape Carts The Chimpsons Edition Lazy Ape Carts is an indica dominant hybrid strain that sports a tasty and purple hue grape flavor. Anyway, do not underestimate lazy ape buzz, it delivers a powerful punch due to high THC content. Lazy Aple cannabis strain is top for evening and night time recreational and medicinal use.

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Lazy ape carts has received some amazing credibility in the cannabis community. The combination of Mendocino purps, Shunk #1 Afghani, provides one of the best hitting indioca strains ever. People with problems like muscle tension can gain strong physical effects using this strain.

Lazy Ape Carts

When you light up this cart you will start to feel a sense of bodily calm that will make take you directly to your couch. It is excellent to be used quickly after work or for a calm afternoon. Nevertheless, this strain is excellent used on a lazy afternoon. People who have issues with an appetite can also use this cart to stimulate appetite. Cannabis consumers who favour concentrate will find lazy ape cannabis strain comes in different types including budders, shatters, and CBD vape carts.

Lazy Ape Premium Live Resin Carts

Traits of lazy ape weed The aroma of Lazy weed has similarities to Granddaddy purple. Uses have acknowledged having a powerful smell of grape and berry accompanied by herbal earthiness. The amazing scent released by this cart is due to its high THC levels. The ratio of THC range from seventeen and twenty-three percent, due to high THC ratio, novice users are advised to use this strain with care and caution.

Lazy ape Chimpson Flavors


KRUSTY KUSH (hybrid)


SUPER CHIEF (indica)


DOHNUT (hybrid)



DUFF OG (indica)


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10 pc, 25 pc, 50 pc, 100 pc (1box), 2 box, 5 box

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    Need it rn them flavors gotta be good

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