Lazy Ape Disposables Chimpsons Edition



Lazy Ape Disposables Chimpsons Edition

lazy ape disposable and marijuana strain is a strong indica that derives its name from its distinct color and taste. Its strong buds resemble big grapes or blackberries that are deep purple color when ready to harvest and its flavor and smell are similar to sweet berries with a skunky undertone. This is a memorable, flavor strain with powerful indica roots. Its distinctive look and hard fruity taste makes it a simple favorite – to say nothing of its amazing potent body high.

Lazy Ape Disposable

Lazy Ape Disposables content averages at sixty percent and does not normally get any higher than twenty-six percent. Its high causes the eyes to feel heavy, makes a powerful body buzz that relaxes the muscles and, in many cases, creates a couch-lock. It renders the consumer into a lazy stoop which makes this cart best for nighttime use. It has been used to help with anxiety and insomnia. Some reviewers report this cart is best for clearing the mind while relaxing.

Glazed X Lazy Ape Disposable

Lazy Ape  cart is a classic indica. The high is extremely centered and relaxing in the body. You feel extremely heavy with sight body tingles. While your thoughts will slow, your mind will stay quite clear. Lazy Ape has lots of stoney features. You will feel dry mouth and become particularly hungry.

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BLUE SHERBERT (hybrid), SUPER CHIEF (indica), KRUSTY KUSH (hybrid), BANANA SMASH (indica), APPLES & BANANAS (sativa), SOUR RAINBOWS (indica), OREOZ (hybrid), DUFF OG (indica), D'OHNUT (hybrid), GREEN APPLE (hybrid)


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